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Philosophy and Media - Call for Participants

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ReSET Call for Participants

Philosophy and Media
July/2009 to May/2012

A series of summer schools exploring different issues of Philosophy and Media will take place in
Kharkiv, Ukraine. A principle objective of the project is to promote innovative undergraduate teaching in the region, and to develop cutting-edge courses on media and philosophy based on an interdisciplinary approach and thus to foster a mode of scholarship that will make the scholars in the region competitive at the level of international scholarship. The project will also provide the media scholars in the region with an exciting chance to move to the forefront of the international development of a more philosophical approach to media study.

Project Organizers
Brian Price, PhD, Assistant Professor of Film Studies, Oklahoma State University,
Email: brian.price@okstate.edu

Olga Blackledge, PhD, Assistant Professor, UNESCO Chair for Philosophy of Human Communication, Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture
Email: olga.blackledge@gmail.com
Participants Eligibility
Disciplines: Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, and Communications Studies

Region/countries: Countries of
NIS, and Southern and Eastern Europe (non-EU members)

Academic standing/level/prerequisites: Junior faculty

Other criteria: Knowledge of English

Application procedure
The selection will take place on the basis of the following documents:
- Statement of Purpose, including the Statement of the knowledge of English;
- Curriculum Vitae (outlining academic and professional history for the period of at least the last 5 years), including a list of publications relevant to the theme of the project;
- Short Essay or a Writing Sample on the theme of the project or a Syllabus of an academic course developed or taught by the applicant in the subject of the project (preferably in English).

Contact information for applicants and general inquiries
Contact person:  Olga Blackledge
E-mail  unescochairph@gmail.com

Other important information:
All expenses connected with participation in the project of participants from the region, including traveling, accommodation, food, and reading materials will be covered by the project. Participation of junior faculty not from the region is possible if they cover their travel and accommodation expenses by themselves.

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