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Eä - Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology has opened a call for people interested in reviewing papers that are submitted for publication. We look for people with broad research experience, sound training in their respective disciplines, with interest in becoming a part of the staff of Eä and in being enriched by the joint work and the acquisition of knowledge. 

All those who are interested should send an e-mail to (Subject: "Call for reviewers") with the following information: name/s and surname/s, nationality, date of birth, academic affiliation, contact data (mainly e-mail and phone number), languages domain (please clarify each case whether it is comprehension, writting skills or both), obtained degrees, studies in progress (master, doctoral, postdosctoral studies), areas of knowledge, and a list of published papers in the last 10 years. We would also need to receive an abridged CV. 

For more information please write to
You will also find more information in our website, 
Join our team

¡Thank you for your interest!

- Eä's Staff


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Eä - Journal of Medical Humanities & 

Social Studies of Science and Technology

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